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Dental Patient Testimonials / Reviews

* "Thanks, Dr. Stott, for your gentle treatment. It is the best I have had. And your staff is great."
~ Jenny

* "I'm tired of waiting hours to be treated in those dental clinics. I appreciate reserved appointment time in your office."
~ Sam

* "I like a small family dental office. In those larger offices, you see a different dentist each time, and the dentist is working on 4-5 other people while working on me. I'm done with that type of treatment. I like how Dr. Stott and his staff concentrate on me while I'm there."
~ Debra

dental patient testimonials
* "I'm so excited by the cosmetic work Dr. Stott did for me. I get compliments all the time at work that my teeth look great."
~ Diana

* "My kids had a pleasant experience in your office. I like how Dr. Stott catches cavities while they are small. Other dentists may "watch" them until they get too deep and into the nerve."
~ Pam

* "I was in a bad car accident which broke several of my front teeth and gave me bad toothaches. I'm just so thrilled by the work Dr. Stott and his staff did for me. It's nice to be able to smile again with no pain!"
~ Lori

* "I waited too long to get my dental work done. The secretary gave me some payment options that made the treatment affordable. When I am there, Dr. Stott focuses on my treatment, unlike what I've seen in those dental clinics. I would recommend Dr. Stott's office to anyone seeking quality dental care."
~ Cindy

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*More reviews via Google

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