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Below you'll find a collection of helpful resources pertaining to the field of dentistry. The websites presented here are for the benefit of our visitors. Destinations include professional associations, other practicing dentists and information where dental patients and consumers can learn more about treatments. We hope everyone can find useful benefit from visiting these several off-site sources.

General Consumer Information

Guide To Dentistry
Helps you to understand procedures and treatments common to dentistry. Explains dental problems and how dentists address them. Includes information on costs along with what patients can expect.

Dental Conditions & Treatments
Outlines widespread dental problems that people experience plus causes, their common symptoms, as well as treatment options available and effective ways to prevent these ailments.

Oral Health Tips
Covers important topics concerning oral health like better diet and nutrition, oral cancers, smoking tobacco, oral piercings and alcoholism. Also seniors can learn how to keep and maintain teeth for life.

Cosmetic Dentistry Information
All the resources you need in one place to learn about cosmetic dentistry. Includes checklists, pricing guides, a list of dental schools, glossary of dental terms, good oral hygiene and even a tooth chart.

Local Dentist Reviews
Part of a current online trend to help patients find a suitable dentist; provides access to comments, complaints and testimonials which some people prefer to make an informed decision.

Professional Dental Associations

California Dental Association
Membership organization providing information to the general public about their dental health.

American Dental Association
Sets standards for dentistry in the United States and influences local legislation and statutes through its arbitrary lobbying efforts.

San Fernando Valley Dental Society
Serves both the general public and dentists in western Los Angeles and surrounding areas.

Dental Board of California
Its central mission is to promote and protect the safety and health of consumers by licensing dental care professionals and enforcing compliance laws.

Academy of General Dentistry
Offers continuing education courses to dentists and helps them promote their dental practices. This is a membership organization.

Utah Dental Association
A chapter of the American Dental Association with access to content for consumers and dental professionals.

Other Recommended Dentists

Burbank Dentist
Caring dentistry with emphasis on educating patients about oral health while practicing effective dental treatment in a modern, high-tech environment.

Dental Veneers Houston, TX
Improves both a person's smile by covering imperfections in their teeth while establishing a strong chewing surface that lasts for decades.

Family Dentistry Dallas, TX
Offers cosmetic and general dental treatment in a relaxed environment. This practice specializes in both dental implants and Lumineers.

Sedation Dentist Temecula, CA
Pain-free relaxing dentistry administered by a competent professional and an experienced staff -- perfect for patients who are nervous about treatments.

Family Dentist Alpharetta
Blends the latest, high-tech dental advancements with experience and individual care for all their patients' unique needs.

Roseville Cosmetic Dentist
Complete dental services with top-notch assistants, hygienists and a caring dentist practiced in the art of cosmetic and general dentistry.

General Dentistry Des Moines
Multi-faceted practice offers its patients caring attention to details along with the latest in dental procedures and high comfort level.

Fort Collins Dentist
Specializes in making dentures with a soft, flexible lining for greater comfort and a higher patient acceptance rate.

Sedation Dentist Rancho Cucamonga
Gentle, relaxing and effective oral sedation dentistry is available to patients who need anxiety relief during their treatments.

Miscellaneous Resources

Dental Practice Marketing
Assists the dentist's practice by improving online visibility; offers expert consultation for improving dental website usability and visitor to patient conversion ratios.

Extended Payments for Patients
Enables dentists and other doctors to easily implement an effective, alternative in-house payment plan for their patients.

Houston Snoring Specialist
Dentist offers consultation and non-surgical solutions for sleep apnea and snoring problems. Provides oral appliance therapy as an alternative to CPAP.

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